Clean, Green Power
from renewable resources

electric power from wind

diesel fuel from
bio-waste disposal

solar power

fuel cells

Optimum efficiency in
energy use

low cost high quality street
lighting by LED systems

remote self contained
surveillance systems for
high value asset protection

Environ Power - Third Generation Technology

What we do

We integrate and supply complementary technologies.

The cleanest energy source is the wind. Harvest its energy with maximum efficiency at lower wind speeds than conventional wind turbines.

Other energy sources can contribute more direct current: photo-voltaic; tidal generators; anaerobic methane reformed to hydrogen for fuel cells or powering combined heat and power generators. These can be integrated to make maximum use of resources to minimise costs and optimise profitability.

Low temperature de-polymerisation turns bio-wastes into diesel either to sell or provide continuity of power generation to cover periods of no wind and no sun.

LED lighting saves local authorities money and improves reliability. Stand alone surveillance systems with integrated communications, lighting and detection devices.

Clean current from green sources, renewable as the blowing of the wind.